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Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist known as a thought leader, acclaimed speaker, innovative trainer, consultant and master clinician. In the MindStream podcast, she shares insights and action steps to help you break through and learn how to resolve mental and emotional challenges with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence and self-esteem, relationships and speaking up, which enables you to achieve emotional mastery and design and live a life of choice and imagined possibilities.
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Apr 12, 2016

If you struggle with feeling anxious, lack confidence in what you have to say and know your quietness affects your relationships at home or work, then this MindStream Podcast will help you understand the importance of speaking up. You’ll learn four different approaches that can help you more capably use your voice, speak with ease, assert yourself and develop confidence.

As you listen to the podcast: first, identify yourself in the stories and draw the meaning they hold for you; second, if you know you are hesitant to speak up in situations, set a small goal to speak where you normally wouldn’t . . . consider two, three or four times a day; third, think about how you approach speaking up and see if your speaking pattern shows up in other areas of your life as well; and finally, write down what you would like to say and then bring your notes to your important conversations. The great news is that when you start speaking and experiencing the effects of your words on others, your anxiety decreases, your confidence increases and your relationships are enhanced.