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Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist known as a thought leader, acclaimed speaker, innovative trainer, consultant and master clinician. In the MindStream podcast, she shares insights and action steps to help you break through and learn how to resolve mental and emotional challenges with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence and self-esteem, relationships and speaking up, which enables you to achieve emotional mastery and design and live a life of choice and imagined possibilities.
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Mar 11, 2016

Ever get into an emotional funk where you're down or depressed mood just seems to have you by the throat? Like you can’t shake feeling sad, blue, or down? Or maybe your mood is mixed in with feeling frustrated, anxious, disappointed, angry or even jealous. And as a result, you feel insulated in your own shell, isolated on your own island, you don’t accomplish what you want to accomplish and you become unproductive. Instead you end up sitting with a glazed over stare.

Today’s podcast is about breaking free of “bad moods” – breaking free of an emotional funk or feeling down. Shaking the blues. Listen for several ideas that can help lift you more quickly into productivity and lightness and ease.

Did you ever get in an anxious, down or depressed mood that you couldn’t shake? Or you felt so emotional that you found it difficult to take any steps toward achieving the goals you set for yourself?

Today’s podcast offers you a variety of ideas, any one of which can help lift your mood and move you back into a more engaged and productive state. They include: calling friends, family or loved ones; self-reflection about what you are thinking and feeling, rejuvenating your brain by attending to your rest/sleep, nutrition and exercise habits; engaging with inspiring material; taking action; being more disciplined and developing better habits including cleaning up clutter; allowing yourself to experience and express unpleasant feelings; and recognizing the down periods may be a time for integrating, being grateful for, and recommitting to your desired goals/dreams. Use these ideas to break free of anxious, depressed or irritable moods so you can take action toward and enjoy what you most desire.

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